Welcome to the BooktubeSFF Awards!

Booktube is the segment of YouTube dominated by booklovers who use the platform to discuss and share our love of reading. SFF stands for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the BooktubeSFF community are those of us within Booktube who focus our reading on those genres. The BooktubeSFF community isn’t just limited to people who make videos, it’s everyone who watches, comments, and loves SFF!

Each year the community nominates its favourite works from the previous year in various categories. These are counted and turned into a shortlist. We then run readalongs and chat about the books before voting on the winners.

The awards started in 2015 and the goals of running them are:

1) To provide another avenue for the BooktubeSFF community to share, read, and discuss our favourite works published in the previous calendar year.

2) To celebrate the works the BooktubeSFF community loves.

You can use the pages here to find out more about the awards including the rules and eligibility criteria, timelines for nominations, shortlists, readalongs, and about previous winners.

The awards are administered by Cass from What Cass Read, who manages the voting, shortlisting, webpages and other technical bits. They are judged by popular vote and by a panel of judges. To keep up to date check out our goodreads group and twitter.

For all queries please contact – booktubesffawards@gmail.com.

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