2018 Awards

Categories for 2018

  • Best fantasy novel.
  • Best science fiction novel.
  • Best young adult novel.
  • Best middle grade novel.
  • Best debut novel.
  • Best graphic work.
  • Best short work.

Changes in 2018

In 2018 there are several changes to the awards based on feedback and discussions from past years.

  • Best novel has been split into Best Fantasy and Best Science Fiction. This will allow the awards to showcase more great books from both sub-genres.
  • Best Debut has been introduced as a new category. The community was keen to have a way to recognise up and coming authors who have made a big impact on our reading but who may not yet have the following needed to make the shortlists/winning spot.
  • Restrictions have been introduced to prevent the same author from appearing twice in the same category shortlist. Whilst the shortlists are only a reflection of what the community voted for, it was clear that people are looking to the awards to provide a varied shortlist and we definitely want to do that!


The judges for 2018 are:

Because of the increase in the number of categories (and thus the reading load), all judges will vote on the Best Fantasy and Best Science Fiction categories. A panel of five of the judges will vote on all other categories.

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